Dry film lubricant coating bearing

Dry film lubricant coating bearing

Dry film lubricant coating bearing or called solid film lubricant coating bearing.


What is dry film lubricant coating bearing?

Dry film lubricant coating bearing is to mix self-lubricating powders such as nano Molybdenum Disulfide graphite with high-performance resins to prepare self-lubricating liquid material, spray self-lubricating material on the surface of the bearing to form a layer of self-lubricating.


What is the advantage?

The failure of traditional bearing is often due to no lubricating oil film between the bearing and the journal, dry friction occurs, resulting in wear failure soon. This is more likely to occur during the break-in period of a new engine and when engine starts and stops. The dry lubricating coating does not heat up rapidly when in contact with the journal, and can effectively establish the oil film. And because of the transferability and self-repairing ability of the coating composition of the day lubricating bearing, the service life of the engine can be extended by more than 40% on the original basis.

Another side is that compared with electroplated bearings, the production process of dry lubricating coated bearings is more environmentally friendly. The amount of polluted water from the production of electroplated bearing in one day is equivalent to the total two years amount of dry lubricating coatings. Since Jan 1st of 2022, China’s latest National VI emission standard has required that all new engines must use dry film lubricant coating bearing, that will be the trend of bearing surface treatment in the future. The main international bearing brands like Miba Taiho Mahle all start to provide dry film lubricant coating.

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