6D170-1 6D170-3

6D170-1 6D170-3 2023-10-31T03:56:30+00:00

Project Description

6D170 root insert and linear bushing
Engine model 6D170-1 6D170-3
Main bearing STD 6162-23-8010 interchange MS-2606GP M897K
Main bearing STD 6240-21-8100
Con rod bearing STD 6162-33-3041 interchange CB-2606GP R897K
Thrust washer 6162-23-8050
Camshaft bush 6162-23-1490
Camshaft bush 6240-21-1490
Con rod bush 6162-33-3131
Con rod bush 6240-31-3141
Size available STD  0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00 semi-finished
Service OEM and wholesales